We're a family run business from the Berkshire area. From nurseries to playmats, our lives have always centred around babies and children. Read below to find out more about us, our family and our story.

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Our Family

Melissa - Co-owner. Owner & Founder of Holly Cottage Nursery for over 28 years. Mother of 3

Jack - Co-owner. Self-proclaimed favourite child, designated family taxi driver

Kimmie - Head of Operations. The glue that keeps the family together. Dog advocate

Maddie - Head of Marketing. The youngest and most creative child. Mother of 2 cats


In 1998, Holly Cottage nursery was born out of a vision to craft a nurturing haven where every child could flourish and discover themselves as they grew.

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Our Nursery

After searching high and low, I couldn't find suitable childcare for Kimmie. I wanted a place focused on care, learning, and fun. That vision gave birth to Holly Cottage.

The nursery quickly became integral to our family life, involved in celebrations and milestones. 

My aim was to ensure every child had a great start in life, focusing on their happiness and well-being.

I learned childcare's depth and importance, emphasising the individual journey of each child, without fixed age transitions from Baby to Toddler to Preschool.


Adamo Joya, colloquially translates 'To fall in love with your little gem', Our products celebrate the precious bond between parents and their children, offering comfort and love in every thread.

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Our Story

For me, embarking on the Adamo Joya journey was a natural progression from the nursery.

Seeing the influence of a child's early environment, I was motivated to create products that blend seamlessly into the home while providing the comfort and care every child deserves.

All our products are created with this balance in mind, ensuring that each piece not only meets the needs of your little one but also enhances the beauty of your home.

We choice of linen for our products was driven by its timeless beauty and remarkable natural, hypoallergenic qualities.

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