In the world of baby products, where the quest for the perfect blend of comfort, practicality and sustainability seems never-ending, linen emerges as the hero fabric, embodying all these qualities and more.

At Adamo Joya, we use 100% French Linen which is stonewashed using volcanic rocks. Making it much softer than regular Linen.


Gentle on the Skin

For babies, whose skin is as delicate as it is new, linen offers a hypoallergenic haven.

Free from the common allergens and irritants found in synthetic fabrics, linen ensures your baby's health & comfort is never compromised.

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A Bastion Against Bacteria

Linen's antibacterial properties set it apart as one of the purest fabrics available.

This natural barrier against bacteria provides a safe, clean environment for your baby to thrive in. Reducing their exposure to harmful germs in those first crucial years.

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Thermo-regulating Comfort

Linen's temperature regulation prowess is well-known, often celebrated for its ability to keep you cool in the heat. Yet, it's also an exceptional insulator.

Unlike other fabrics, linen doesn't hold onto moisture. Meaning the insulating properties remain constant.

One of the Most Sustainable Fabrics

When it comes to environmental impact, linen outshines cotton by a considerable margin.

The reduced need for harmful pesticides and fertilisers in linen production makes it a friendlier choice for the earth, aligning with our ethos at Adamo Joya of harmonising luxury with sustainability.

Promoting Healthy Blood Flow

One benefit of linen, particularly flax linen, is its ability to stimulate healthy blood flow.

Studies have shown the fabric's micro-breaks create a gentle massaging effect on the skin, fostering relaxation and enhancing blood circulation.

This subtle yet effective stimulation contributes to your baby's overall well-being.


Durability That Lasts

The legendary durability of linen, with its high tensile strength, makes it far more enduring than cotton or wool.

This resilience means Adamo Joya products not only last but become softer and more inviting over time.

Our products are designed to become family heirlooms, passed down through generations.